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Texting Templates for Mortgage Professionals
Texting Templates for Mortgage Professionals

Recommended Templates for Mortgage Professionals

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Do not use these verbatim. Texts always work best when they are in your own words and own tone. These are ideas/concepts for you to build on.


First Text:

Hey {First Name} this is (LO) with (Company). This is my new business number, please add it to your phone and let me know if you need anything.

Holiday Text:

Happy Memorial Day, {First Name}! Hope you and your family have a safe and amazing weekend. (LO) w/ (Company)

Realtor Texting:

  1. Hey {First Name}, Checking to see if you are taking anyone out this weekend to show houses? If you need anyone pre qualified, say the word! (LO) with (Company)

  2. {First Name}-I’m working this weekend if you are. If you need an client help on the financing side, I’m happy to help. (LO) with (Company)

  3. Hey {First Name}, I’m working with a few select realtors from (insert company) to help close more listings and market the open houses. Do you have 5 minutes this week so I can walk you through how it works and see if it’s a fit? (LO) with (Company)

Birthday Text:

Happy birthday, {First Name}-hope this year is your best ever and all the best. (LO) with (Company)

Referral Text:

  1. Hey {First Name}...we’ve worked together in the past and hopefully you enjoyed your experience. I am texting to see if you would mind keeping an eye/ear out if anyone you know needs a mortgage? I promise to take great care of anyone you refer. No pressure! Hope all is well. (LO) with (Company)

  2. Hey {First Name}-once a year I like to reach out and see if my clients know of anyone who needs a mortgage in hopes of earning referral business. If you or anyone you know ever needs anything, I would be honored to help. (LO) with (Company)

Anniversary Text:

Hey {First Name}, another year has passed since we closed your loan. Time flies. It was my pleasure helping you on this day, and I hope you are doing well. (LO) with (Company)


{First Name}, I found this article about real estate prices in your area and it made me think of you. Hope life is amazing. (LO) with (Company)

Rates Dropping:

{First Name}-I don’t like reaching out unless there’s a big market swing, but rates just dropped significantly. There’s a good chance we can help lower your current rate of (insert rate) to help you save money every month. Let me know if you have a minute to discuss. (LO) with (Company)

15 Year Mortgage or Other Product: 

Hey {First Name}, I was reviewing your account and noticed we may be able to put you in a better product to help you do the right thing financially. Do you have a minute to discuss? (LO) with (Company)

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