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Import your list of Contacts
Import your list of Contacts

How to upload your list to Texting Base

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Here are the instructions on how to upload your list of mobile Contacts.

Click on the Upload tab on the left side navigation bar.

Next you will see the upload screen load up that should look like the following:

Click the blue link that says click here to upload.

This will open up your system where you can navigate to the location of the file where you can select the file and click open once it's been selected.

Your list can only be in .CSV file format in order to Upload. In row one of your .CSV file, the only required data are First Name, Last Name, and Mobile. We require there to be proper First Name, and Last Names, as placeholders will cause the account to have issues sending out messages.

Once you click open your screen will look like this:

The drop down boxes will all show Do not import this field. Select the drop down boxes and match the headers listed on the right under Your Data.

First name (required) ---> First Name

Last name (required) ---> Last Name

Mobile Number (required) ---> Mobile

If you have custom data you will need to make sure it is listed in the file when uploading, and you can use the drop down box to add other fields like Birthday, City, Zip, etc.

You will then want to check the Ignore the first row when importing box to ignore the first header row.

Click "Save Import" when you are ready to upload.

It does not matter what format your mobile numbers are in:

(310) 555-5555 or 310-555-5555 or 3105555555 or +1310-555-5555

For International numbers you will want to have the country code listed with the +country-code. (i.e. +82 if you were texting to Japan).

Here is an example .CSV file template. Please keep in mind that this is only showing the headers. You will need to have the data filled out beneath the headers.

The Upload feature is not available on the Free 14 day trial. You will need to be on one of the paid subscription plans to access this feature.

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