What is Texting Base?
Texting Base is a Monthly Subscription Service that allows you to send out personalized blast texts through SMS. You pay a minimum of $x/month for y units. When you run out of units you are charged $x for an additional y units called a "reload". Reloads cannot be discounted.

What are "units"?
1 unit = 160 characters of text, longer texts are 153 characters per unit. When a rare character is used, 1 unit = 70 characters and longer texts are 67 characters per unit. By rare character we mean any character that isn't in the GSM encoding character set and requires the UCS-2 encoding, these are usually emojis and characters that aren't in the english keyboard. Both outbound and inbound texts are counted.

We have a unit counter where you write the message so you can keep an eye on how much you're using.  This unit counter turns red when you go from 1 unit to 2 units so you can watch your costs.

What happens when the free trial ends?
If you don't cancel before your trial ends then you're automatically set to our base plan of $50/month for 1250 units. If you want to cancel just contact support by clicking on the blue bubble at the bottom right, that's our chat support.

Do you offer auto responders?
Yes, we do have that feature.

Do you have to pay for keywords?
No, keywords are free

How many keywords do I get with my account?
Keywords are unlimited

Can I set up a response chain for my auto response?
Absolutely, auto response chains are easy to set up and very effective

Can auto responders be personalized?
Yes, personalization can be included as long as the person's name or data is in your database

Do you offer text campaigns?
Yes we do offer text campaigns or text drip campaigns

Do you offer MMS?
Yes, we offer MMS for texting videos and texting pictures

Can you embed links into a text message?
Yes, you are able to add a link. Most mobile devices can turn them into a clickable link.

Can I use my own number?
Yes, you can use your own number, it would require proof of ownership and would take about a week to port over. However, using your own number will remove call capabilities, so you would not get to call out of that number. For this reason we recommend a texting base number which allows you to forward calls to a number of your choosing.

How does your system handle duplicates?
The system will automatically remove duplicate numbers leaving only unique numbers.

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