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What is Texting Base?
What is Texting Base?
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Texting Base is a bi-directional and scheduled texting platform with patented personalization technology. Therefore, it looks like you wrote individual messages to each recipient, even if the message went out to millions of people.

The premise of the tool revolves around the fact more people are texting now than ever and email read rates have dropped from 22% to 17% with the increase in SPAM filters. The best place to reach people is on their phones directly. Text read rates are 98% and the response rates are around 90x faster on average.
The reason that important is that texting is very personal, and mass texts are inherently impersonal. The response/engagement rates we see from personalized vs non-personalized are 198% higher.

We also have a number of features that resemble "Constant Contact" but for texting. One unique feature is the ability to geo-locate groups based on city, state/country. This comes in handy for traveling or events, so local people can be engaged easily.
At the core of what we do, it's really a flexible communication platform. Your data is organized into groups and who you message and what you say/when is up to you. Pretty simple.

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