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Why do I need a new number?
Why do I need a new number?
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You need a new number for 2 reasons.
 1. Your cell phone can't handle a number of texts that are sent in mass communication.
 2. We have to be compliant with the TCPA so we have to send a compliance text and people have to be able to opt out. 

Your phone number is attached to your carrier, and your carrier can't send out over 40 at a time, can't schedule, can't personalize and can't geolocate or automate. Your carrier also cannot opt people out, which is the insurance you need.  I equate it to drag racing on streets without insurance.  You need compliance.

So because your carrier can't support what we do, we attach another number to your phone.  You tell people to add your number and then whether you message from your cell or Texting Base only your name comes up.  Just about no one knows anyone's numbers in 2017.

Now you can separate your mass communication from your personal phone and still access and respond to your Texting Base messages on any device.  I love it this way because often the best times to text are when you want to appear to be working but not actually be working.  This way you can avoid getting hundreds of responses on holidays when you're with family and friends.  When responses go to your phone it sounds great until you see how many responses that means, and just how annoying that can be...

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